Making the most of your book’s “extras”


Many non-fiction books have worksheets, templates, large images, videos and other material that isn’t particularly suited for inclusion in the Kindle file.  What should you do with them?

Here’s a plan that can help you “kill two birds with one stone”:

Place your materials on your web site.  You have a web site to market your book with, right?  If you don’t, now would be a good time to create one!  Something like is pretty good for starters.

On your web site, you’ll want to group your materials together so that they’re easy to find, and include some prominent links back to your book on Amazon or wherever it’s for sale.  This way, people who have stopped by for the ‘free materials’ will get a polite pointer to your book.  And, realistically, most ‘free materials’ are not worth too much without your book to explain them in detail, so don’t feel like you’re giving everything away by making them available to the public.

Your readers will appreciate this too: think of a spreadsheet that you want to share with them to help them calculate something.  In a Kindle book, it won’t turn out very well compared to the real thing (it’ll just be an image of the actual spreadsheet), and certainly won’t be something they can download and quickly start playing with in Excel (or OpenOffice!).  On the other hand, if the file is on your web site, your readers can open it up on their PC’s and use it how it was meant to be used.  Maybe it’s useful enough that they share it with a few friends.  If you’ve done things right, and included a prominent link to your book and web site in the spreadsheet itself, maybe those people will go on to purchase your book too!

This works for virtually any kind of  ‘extras’ that won’t fit in your Kindle files – the key is to make them easily available to the public, and prominently link to your book on both the web site and in the materials themselves.

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