Step by Step Publishing Game Plan


I’m working on a book to distill some of what I’ve learned running LiberWriter and thought I’d share the heart of the concept here.

The basic idea is to take advantage of the properties of eBooks and publish your book in steps, reinvesting money from profits as you go.  This will help you minimize what you spend and give you the chance to cut your losses if you find it’s simply not selling.  Here is the game plan:

  1. Put up a web site advertising your upcoming book.  This should have the goal of collecting email addresses of those interested in hearing about the book when it’s out.  Bonus points if you also have a “blog” associated with it, and maybe a Twitter handle.
  2. Write the book.
  3. Have the book proofread.
  4. Make sure the book is formatted well for the Kindle.
  5. Have a cover made for your book.
  6. Publish the eBook on Amazon.
  7. Email everyone on your list to let them know the book is available for purchase!
  8. … time passes …. How is it doing?  If it’s doing well, you can reinvest some of your profits:
    • A fancier cover
    • A more in-depth editing of the book.
  9. If it’s doing well, fix it up for sale with other eBook vendors like Barnes & Noble and Apple.
  10. How is it doing?  Selling well?  Get a print-on-demand version set up so that people can order a physical copy of the book.

The book will go into some detail about each of these steps and the reasoning behind them, but that’s the basic outline.

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