Self-publishing survey


It’s pretty evident that self-publishing in the age of the Kindle has turned a corner, from a niche activity into something that many people are participating in, for the most varied of reasons.

We’re curious about your experience, so we created this survey:

It just takes a few moments to fill out, and we’re happy to share the anonymized results with you if leave us your email.  We won’t use your email for anything but sending you the results – no spam!

If you would be so kind as to share the survey with any other authors you know, we’d appreciate it!

One thought on “Self-publishing survey

  1. I was slow to be go into eBook publishing and looked and read on how to setup your files and there is nothing easier than going with a professional company with services and dependability like this one. The interface and on-board staff are ever so helpful and OMG easy!

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