Why We Can’t/Won’t Upload Directly to Amazon


One of the things I’d love to be able to do with LiberWriter is for you to click a button and have your newly created content go straight into Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) system.

We can’t do that at the time of this writing, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who offers to do this on your behalf.

Why?  Because Amazon does not yet offer what we call an “API” or Application Programming Interface for the KDP.  Or, in plain English, they don’t offer a way for our computers to talk to their computers directly.

Some sites, desperate to suck in new users, will do things like ask you your username and password for your email account.  You should never give those to them.  And doing so for your Amazon account would be doubly bad; if you’re like me, you have several credit cards hooked up to it, so if someone were to get in, they could start shopping on your dime!  For that reason, even if for some people it’d make their lives easier, we simply don’t want to handle your user/password information, as it would not be ethical to do so.

Hopefully, at some future date, Amazon will add an API, so you’ll be able to go directly from LiberWriter to KDP.

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