How Much Is Your Time Worth?


I read many stories of people spending hours and hours trying to get formatting “just right” for the Kindle, and as a programmer, I can fully understand the desire to “make the damn computer do what I want”, as sometimes it becomes a personal battle of wills where you feel  you must prevail on the evil machine to do your bidding. However, from a more rational point of view, sometimes it’s worth it to pay for a bit of help.

For example, a few weeks ago, after dropping my daughter off at school on a Monday morning, the car tire blew out.  I had a choice to make: I could either try and fix it, or take it somewhere and have it done.  Since I had a lot to do that day, I opted for the second choice; luckily there was a garage a few blocks away and I managed to limp in, driving slowly.  They were indeed able to get the spare on in just a few minutes, for a price that was more than reasonable to me, given that I 1) did not have to get my hands or clothes dirty 2) I didn’t have to fool around with the rudimentary tools in the emergency tire kit 3) I was on my way in no time rather than wasting a lot of my time doing something I haven’t done in ages and probably would not be very skilled at.  All in all, I was quite happy with having paid to get it taken care of quickly and professionally.

All the tires were old, so I brought the car back and had all of them changed, and while they were at it, they managed to fix a few other nagging annoyances in a few minutes.  The price they charged was quite reasonable, and now our car is safer and works better.  Once again, a good deal for all involved.

With LiberWriter we try and provide the same style of service: it’s perfectly possible to do what we do on your own, but if you don’t enjoy the technical challenge, I think we make things significantly faster, easier, and less stressful, letting you concentrate on your writing. If we can, we’re also happy to give you a bit of helpful advice about what works and what doesn’t for the Kindle, so that not only do you get your book formatted, you learn something yourself in the process.

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