Automating The Kindle Formatting Process


Many industries start out with people hand-crafting something, which is an image we all like: the master craftsman hunched over, perfecting his creation bit by bit, lovingly creating one piece at a time, built just right for each customer.

Unfortunately, the economic reality is that producing things that way is very expensive and only available to those who are comparatively very wealthy.  The fact that we can all afford things like cars and computers is because they are mass produced.

LiberWriter aims to do the same thing for Kindle authoring and conversion services: rather than charge a lot of money and do one file at a time, we’re putting together the tools that work best, in order  to reliably repeat the process at a lower price and maintain high standards for quality.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound as romantic as the “master craftsman” approach, but rest assured that we’re putting all the craftsmanship and ingenuity we can into creating the tools that compose LiberWriter itself, in order to make it quick, pleasant and above all, friendly.  Rather than dealing with XML files and regular expressions and whatnot, we put a friendly face on the process, and of course are available to give you a hand when you get stuck.  Just because we aim to bring high quality tools to the masses doesn’t mean we don’t have friendly, personalized customer service!

And of course, where human creativity and individuality matter, there’s no substitute.  That’s what writing is all about, isn’t it?  We are doing our best to give you the tools to concentrate on your writing without worrying about “the details”.

2 thoughts on “Automating The Kindle Formatting Process

  1. Does your service include conversion as far taking a Google Docs file and turning it into a fully compliant and fully formatted Kindle book? And is the fee $25 for this conversion for one book?

    Let me know.


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